Are you ready to finally lose that extra weight?


Ready to finally say goodbye to that spare tire? My name is Yossif and I have lost over 100 pounds! Let me help you learn how I did it.

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fat thin weight loss 120 poundsIn “Top 10 Diet Myths That Are Keeping You Fat,” I will blow the lid off many supposedly “healthy foods” and show you how they may be causing more damage than you realize!

Diabetes, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), depression, goiters, autoimmune issues, and other nasty conditions may be partly CAUSED by these foods! 

Make 2016 really count!


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If you’re sick of getting nowhere with conventional wisdom, now’s the time for a change! Whether you’re a complete newbie or a health expert, this book may help you see food and fitness in a new light.

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