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How to properly hydrate your body

Hi Everyone, Yossif here. Today I have a post about the importance of water and how to properly hydrate your body to best achieve good health and wellness. My Friend Danny B has written up a great overview on why we need water and how best to use it for great results. Plus it is essential to my favorite method of losing weight and keeping it off: Intermittent fasting. Take it away Danny!

How to properly hydrate your body?

We have all heard this story a million times. Hydration matters. Water is the one component our body can’t survive without. Also, our bodies are mostly made of – yes, you have guessed it – water. On the other hand, looking for precise data and trying to find the right amount of water to drink on a daily basis is easier said than done. Different people have different views on this topic. Your doctor will say one thing. Your fitness instructor will provide you with some quite different information. And thirdly – you will find a completely different answer to your question online. So, who should you trust? The answer to this question is simpler than it looks. Listen to your own body. We are all unique. There are no two persons that are completely the same. Our bodies are similar and very much alike, however, our everyday habits, activities, and lifestyle dictate the answer to your question. Our bodies crave different things because we treat them in different ways. So, yes. You will need to play it smart in order to properly hydrate your body. Let’s dive in!


Why is water so important?

As we have mentioned above, our bodies are mostly made out of water. Water isn’t just a thing that makes our organs function the way they are supposed to. Water is what our organs are made of. So, it is a fuel, and if you look at it the right way – our base. But, just like in nature, the water in our bodies changes over time. It moves, changes its chemical structure, gets replaced, used… well, our bodies just need water to run properly. It is that simple. And because of that constant change, we need to refill our reservoirs. Add some fuel. Help our bodies run properly. 

How to calculate the right amount of water your body needs?

There are many different calculators that you can find online, and with ease. However, really listening to your body is what matters the most. As we have mentioned before, your habits are what will give you the best answer to this question. Here are some factors to take into consideration:

  • Your gender
  • Your age
  • Your average fitness activity
  • Your health (if you have any chronic diseases)
  • Medications (if you are on any)

All these factors will decide how much water your body needs on a daily basis. An average amount of water every adult needs is somewhere around 2 liters a day, however, you can calculate the exact amount you’ll need once you consider all these factors.

Your eating habits matter as well

There are some foods that will help you to properly hydrate your body. On the other hand, there are some items that will make you want to drink more water. Look at your eating habits and try to figure out what works for you, and what needs to be changed. And remember, working on your habits and maintaining a healthy body is a constant struggle. Especially once you decide to put a stop to your unhealthy behaviors. It will be a battle. Every single day. But, in the end – it will all be worth it.

Hydration and exercise

Staying fit, trying to lose some weight or to gain some muscle – all these things call for some additional water. Properly hydrating your body is one thing. Helping the processes in your body is a completely different one. For example, people who exercise need to drink more water. And not only because we lose water when sweating, but because more water means a faster metabolism. Our metabolism starts slowing down as soon as we finish our growing-up phase. And that is the main reason people suddenly gain weight right after starting college, somewhere around their 20th birthday. Even though they haven’t made any significant changes to their routine, the fat seems to be adding up. Faster than anyone thought possible. However, this problem can be fixed, and easily. All you need is to increase your water intake. Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one, and this, well this is one of these situations. Every workout program for losing weight is designed in a way that will speed up our metabolism, and no, it can’t happen once we are dehydrated. 

Soft and soda drinks

Water is all around us. We can drink or eat it. However, even though water really is something that won’t make you gain any weight, and even though it can never be unhealthy, not every drink has the same effect on our body. Soft drinks, juices, and soda drinks – well they help water build up in our bodies. And not in a healthy way. Also, drinks that contain caffeine are the most dangerous ones. They contain a lot of sugar, can damage our liver, and above all else – they make us lose water from our bodies. How? By not drinking enough water because these drinks make us feel like we’ve done this part already. And by mixing different chemicals that make things even harder for our bodies. That is why we should stay away from such drinks and keep our mind on the prize. Drinking water is far less fun than drinking soda, but it is also much, much healthier.

Plus a combo of Stevia sweetener and coffee/tea/Crio bru will excite your tastebuds without added calories or carbs! (Or get some Stevia sweetened soda alternatives too!)


Water makes us healthy. That is why we need to think about our water intake on a daily basis. The best way to properly hydrate your body is by drinking water regularly. And it is all about the small amounts. Drinking 2 liters of water at once is no healthier than drinking soda or not drinking water at all. Drink a cup of coffee when you wake up. One after you eat your breakfast. One after you get to your job. You get the rest. Keep things simple and listen to your own body.

Author bio:

Danny B. is a professional blogger who loves traveling, exploring new cultures and staying fit on the run. It wasn’t always easy for him, but he got there. And now – he just wants to help other people succeed. 

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