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Nova Science Now – Can I eat that?

I recently discovered this documentary and I think it is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning about the body and how food works.  It also does a good job talking about the nature of cooking and how it plays into our evolution as humans. I’ll do a full blog post on it soon.

The World According to Monsanto

I have not fully watched this one yet, but I already know what it is all about. GMO foods are slowly creeping into our diets more and more, and I think this is a large contributor to the various diseases that are plauging humans today. I tend to stick with non-processed foods because I’d rather trust my health to nature rather than science. Granted, most foods are nothing like the foods from 10,000 years ago (due to selective breeding), but humans are trying to change them faster than our bodies can keep up. It’s like trying to run the newest, most powerful software on a computer that is 100 years old… Not to mention, it gives the greedy corporations far too much power…



I liked this documentary for the simple fact that it takes a non-biased look into the world of strength training and the role of steroids. Like with nutrition, there’s a lot of myths out there regarding performance enhancers. Good to watch if you are interested in weightlifting.


The Men Who Made Us Fat

Documentary of how the world has slowly been mutated into a cauldron of b******t due to lies and greed. It shows how the big corporations became too powerful and our bodies have paid the price just as much as our wallets. A real eye opener.

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3



Warning: Graphic animal abuse. Disturbing documentary about how they mistreat animals for entertainment and food. Remember that most of the meat you buy at the typical grocery market/big box stores are treated like this. It’s really sad that so much pointless abuse is allowed. If you can, try to only eat grass-fed animal meat that is humanely treated and stress-free. The meat is not only healthier for you but 10x better tasting. I don’t believe humans are meant to live meat free, but I think raising animals in a natural, humane, and healthy manner is far superior to anything else. You are what you eat…


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