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Weight Watchers WANTS you to stay FAT!

It’s a sad world when people fork over their hard earned money for the HOPE of losing weight. I see it almost every day, weight watchers airs or prints some advertisement that claims they’ll help you lose X amount of pounds for the “LOW LOW price of 39.99$ a month!” They’ll even throw some b******t “before and afters” at you and have some doctor paid a ridiculous amount to make you think it’s all legit. I gotta say:

F**k Weight Watchers!

I recently stumbled across an article that proves precisely how corrupt these assholes are:

Weight watchers study shows it’s actually keeping people fat

Hrm, funny how that works. A company that makes a living off fat people is intentionally keeping them fat. What a surprise.

weight watchers

F**k weight Watchers

That’s like a f*****g firehouse going around and randomly starting fires for extra business. That’s like Nicorette anti-smoking companies leaving packs of cigarettes on playgrounds for kids to find.

It’s f*****g disgusting how these people operate.

Good health doesn’t come in a BOX!

I’ve said it time and time again, your body is composed of 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. People who pay for this Weight Watchers s**t are either too ignorant to learn about decent nutrition, too lazy to actually do anything about it, or are deceived by the typical b******t advice given to us by the government. The old food pyramid b******t simply doesn’t work. The proof is in the sugary pudding:

“The findings are embarrassing as it follows recommendations by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence that overweight and obese people be ‘prescribed’ weight management courses through Weight watchers and Slimming World in a bid to combat the nation’s obesity crisis.”

In other words, IT DOESN’T F*****G WORK. Keep in mind any time they call something “low-fat”, it just means they stuffed it with f*****g sugar and used a bunch of nasty chemicals to mask the s****y taste!

Not only does Weight Watchers deceptively add more sugar and/or fat to these horrible taste-less food products, but they typically have more f*****g calories than most foods.  They literally lie on the labels to trick the poor fools who forked over their money in hopes of finally losing some weight. It’s criminal what these people are doing. They know the typical obese person is going to quickly fall for the deception and assume it’s healthier just because it’s labeled “LOW-FAT” or “REDUCED CALORIES.”

Protip: if you trust the advertising, there’s the reason you’re fat!!

I was once here myself. Long ago when I was still a little fat-a*s and I had no clue about decent nutrition, I foolishly tried those Weight Watchers weight-loss shakes that my mom brought home one day. Needless to say, it didn’t work. It tasted like complete s**t and it just left me more voraciously hungry.

Gyms are just as bad!

In the same vein, I believe that many commercial gyms are also trying to keep you fat and unhealthy. They don’t want people to lose a ton of weight and get healthier. They would rather you pay for a year so they can gouge your bank account for a pre-determined about of time whether you show up or not. They’re designed to be confusing and misleading so you quickly and easily get burned out and rarely go.

New years is the worst time of year for all this since these delusional fatties think they’re going to somehow change lifelong habits in the course of a few weeks. Instead they pay a s**t-ton of money to waste some time on a treadmill and sip a sugary weight-loss drink and wonder why they’re not making progress. Feeling defeated, they rarely ever use the gym or drink the s****y shakes, but they’re stuck with a gym membership and a case of terrible-tasting thinly-veiled sugar shakes.

Bam, rich company that drinks the tears of the obese fools.

weightwaters stay fat cupcakes

Weight loss isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible.

I lost over a 100 lbs because I did the research into proper nutrition and I did the hard work to achieve my goals.

It’s not easy, but if you really give a s**t about your life, you’ll do it. If you’re sick of the b******t like me, be sure to check out my guide to starting out. Also sign up for my newsletter and get your free ebook: The beginner’s guide to macronutritients!

Your friend,


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PS: check out this idiot who got a Weight watchers tattoo! Talk about being a walking advertisement!

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