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Ebola are you scared


Don’t be.

For one, it’s got a pathetically low infection rate. Compared to something like Measles, there’s a very low rate of transmission.

Measles, for example, is the most contagious disease we have, and its R0 is about 18. This means that if no one is vaccinated, an incredible 18 people can be infected by every one person who has the disease. Of course, this number drops to zero if everyone is vaccinated. For HIV/AIDS and SARS, the R0 number is between 2 and 5, and for Ebola, it’s just 2.

While deadly on the surface, it’ll just fade into another temporary health scare, whereas things like obesity/smoking/alcohol are still killing people left and right without anyone seeming to notice/care. This cartoon puts it perfectly:

The truth behind the Ebola scare:

Stop worrying about whatever the media is trying to scare you with this week. Terrorism, germs, crime statistics, ebola, whatever. The chances of you dying from these things is minuscule!

A s****y lifestyle will end up killing you earlier than anything else!

You’re far better off getting your diet right and living a healthy life.

Get some decent exercise now and then and eat good foods. If you’re worried about getting sick, some high quality Kefir or other probiotics will make you practically invulnerable to more common sicknesses

Your friend,

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