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Weight loss diet plan simplified!

This is a very simple guide to my preferred weight loss diet plan. This is what I do when I want to lose some extra weight fairly easily and quickly. It’s quick and dirty, but it works.

This is a summary taken from many sources gathered over the years.

It doesn’t apply to everyone, but most people can use one of these approaches. Experiment and see what works for you. A decent weight loss diet plan is not an easy thing to figure out, but I’ll help you with some of my personal suggestions.

Best weight loss diet plan?

Keto + I.F. + low-calorie + lots of brisk walking. That’s it. 

There, I just summed up the The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook for you. It’s not something you can do overnight, but if you train yourself, it gets easy.

Contrary to popular belief, ideal fat loss occurs when walking:

Lower intensity activities selectively use fatty acids to fuel the activity.

Yes, you read that right. You don’t need to run full speed on a treadmill for an hour. That s**t gets old real fast. I’d rather take a brisk fasted walk down a forest trail and enjoy the outdoors than run on a boring treadmill any day.

Drink lots of cold water and green tea. Coffee in the morning helps too. Green Tea Extract helps greatly (mmm polyphenols!). These will get your system revved up and activate the best fat burning mechanism. Thermogenics like Caffeine Tablets, while fasted, go straight for the fat stores.

While fasting, I love to drink lots of ice water, tea and coffee. Keeps me busy and my mind off food.

drink water weight loss diet plan

Can you exercise? Of course: Running, swimming, dancing, twerking, I don’t care. Your body likes almost any kind of physical exertion. It’s good for you. If you want weight loss, move around more often!

Are you a quadriplegic or in a coma? Probably not. Enjoy your freedom to move. It’ll make you feel good.

Can you lift weights?

Great! do that! Weightlifting + IF (via leangains) is the best weight loss diet in my book.

Why is weightlifting better than aerobic exercise?? Here’s the cool thing most people don’t understand: when you lift heavy weights, it literally causes micro-tears in your muscles. The amazing thing is, when your body is actively repairing said muscles, they are using calories to do so.

Thus, you’re burning calories without moving. You can be sitting on the couch, watching a movie and be burning calories. It can last up to about 48 hours after the actual exercise. Yep.

Aerobic exercise only burns calories during the actual exercise for the most part. Weight lifting is “passive exercise,” so to speak.

Not to mention you’ll look firmer. :3 (Ladies, you won’t look bulky, you’ll look firmer and tighter. Big difference!)

If you care about keeping your lean muscle mass, try to eat so much protein a day prevent your muscle from eating itself. It’s the difference between looking skinny-fat and toned. Roughly 1-2 grams of protein per lb of lean muscle every day is all you need. I typically try to get about 100g of protein a day to prevent muscle-loss.

Protein and fat are good for keeping you feeling full. Carbs/glucose are quick burning. They’re good for athletes and heavy laborers, but beyond that you really don’t need them. Use the fat you have inside you for energy instead.

For leaner individuals:

Supplements are not recommended for most people,  but if you know how to safely use them, go ahead. If you’ve never used a fat burning supplement before, I’d suggest you do your homework first. This is not for newbies. Stick with the basics before you touch this stuff, seriously.

Do something stupid with them and they can kill you! Start small and carefully observe how your body feels.

ECA stack is a method I use to help burn fat outside of exercising as well.  They give me an awesome mental focus boost and help me burn the fat while sitting around at work. You can (carefully) combine these with exercise for added effect. I’ve used Black Widow in the past with decent results. Otherwise you can get the “E” from Bronkaid, which is available behind the counter at most pharmacies.

For those of you who are under 15% body fat and want to get rid of the more stubborn fat areas, Yohimbine is one of the better options. Again, there’s side effects and precautions, so make sure you do your homework and start small!! It only works in the fasted state, so ideally take one after a workout or in the morning and go for a walk.


Regardless, this won’t help you lose weight if you’re eating like an idiot to begin with!

These are not magic pills and they are not something to be taken lightly!

Your gut is important!

Lastly, not everyone will agree with me on this, but I also think your gut bacteria play a crucial role in weight.

They found that by transferring the gut flora from a thin mouse to a fat mouse, they ended up losing weight. This is due to the way the metabolism works.

Some people’s bacteria extract more energy from the food than others. Why? Gut flora. (AKA Nanospartans.)

Use simple home made kefir to get these good bacteria and ketosis to help kill off the bad bacteria.

Oh and don’t forget:


What’s your weight loss diet plan? Got any suggestions for others? Comment below!

Your friend,



Life gets really simple once you cut out all the bull s**t they teach you in school.~ George Carlin

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  1. Kashif Ansari says

    fat loss requires high intensity interval training…which could be done in the form of tabata sprints on a stationary bike. you could burn up to a single pound a day if you really crank up the intensity.

  2. While HIIT can really help kickstart the fat loss, the more important aspect is diet. You can’t out-bike your stomach after all!

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