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Weight Watchers WANTS you to stay FAT!

weight watchers

It’s a sad world when people fork over their hard earned money for the HOPE of losing weight. I see it almost every day, weight watchers airs or prints some advertisement that claims they’ll help you lose X amount of pounds for the “LOW LOW price of 39.99$ a month!” They’ll even throw some b******t “before and afters” at you and have some doctor paid a ridiculous amount to make you think it’s all legit. I gotta say:

f**k Weight Watchers!

I recently stumbled across an article that proves precisely how corrupt these assholes are:

Weight watchers study shows it’s actually keeping people fat

Hrm, funny how that works. A company that makes a living off fat people is intentionally keeping them fat. What a surprise.

weight watchers

f**k weight Watchers

That’s like a f*****g firehouse going around and randomly starting fires for extra business. That’s like Nicorette anti-smoking companies leaving packs of cigarettes on playgrounds for kids to find.

It’s f*****g disgusting how these people operate.
There’s more!

3 days without food!? Are you crazy!?

stomach no longer my master

Just for fun. Yes, I am very serious. 72 hours without any food.

Yes, I’ve gone about 3 days without food.

Impossible, you say? Heh, you underestimate how my body works:

  • Most people feel dizzy or faint without food, I literally skip breakfast and lunch on an almost daily basis.
  • Most people can’t exercise without energy from food. I prefer to workout with a completely empty stomach.
  • Most people couldn’t run a mile without energy from food if their lives depended on it. I do that for FUN.

I literally like to do things that seem impossible, just to prove I can do it. That’s the kind of person I am.

I do things that are unorthodox. I love to experiment, even at the risk of my own health.

People tend to underestimate the power of the human body. While I’m certainly no olympic athelete, I used to be a  fat 300lb couch potato. Seems unlikely that I can now run a 5k on a stomach that has been empty for 2 days (No walking!)

My results may not happen to everyone, but I firmly believe that anyone can turn their lives around and have the body they want with enough effort and knowledge.

In my case, I simply got sick of being fat and lazy and weak and I started looking for answers. I found answers, I did the work, and here I am today doing things that most normal people would think impossible! 

You can too.

I’m not saying EVERYONE can do this, and I am actively telling you NOT to try it. 3 days without food is a bit extreme, but I did it to prove to myself that I could do it!

It took me years to get to this point where I gained this fasting ability. For the average person, fasting like this simply won’t work. My special abilities were due to hacking my metabolism using the ketogenic diet and daily intermittent fasting techniques. They may seem daunting, but it’s very doable. Read more below and let me know how it works for you.

Keto guide part 1

Keto guide part 2

Keto guide part 3

Beginner’s guide to intermittent fasting part 1

Beginner’s guide to intermittent fasting part 1

See if you can beat my records, even!

Go slowly and make sure you understand what you’re doing before you get into it.

Your friend,


intermittent fasting


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stomach no longer my master

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