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Ebola are you scared

Ebola are you scared


Don’t be.

For one, it’s got a pathetically low infection rate. Compared to something like Measles, there’s a very low rate of transmission.

Measles, for example, is the most contagious disease we have, and its R0 is about 18. This means that if no one is vaccinated, an incredible 18 people can be infected by every one person who has the disease. Of course, this number drops to zero if everyone is vaccinated. For HIV/AIDS and SARS, the R0 number is between 2 and 5, and for Ebola, it’s just 2.

While deadly on the surface, it’ll just fade into another temporary health scare, whereas things like obesity/smoking/alcohol are still killing people left and right without anyone seeming to notice/care. This cartoon puts it perfectly:

The truth behind the Ebola scare:

Ebola obesity tobacco alcohol

The truth about Ebola.

Stop worrying about whatever the media is trying to scare you with this week. Terrorism, germs, crime statistics, ebola, whatever. The chances of you dying from these things is minuscule!
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2014: Weight loss challenge success!

winner is you

So as some of you might remember, I decided to drop some weight back in April of this year (2014).

I’m proud to announce that I have been successful in my weight loss challenge!

weight loss winner guy


Money as weight loss motivation

While money is certainly a powerful motivator, it should only be a method to the madness. You need to remember that it’s not about the money!

It’s about looking and feeling good. It’s about achieving the unachievable. It’s about living life like you want to live it.

Laziness, ignorance, and apathy is what made you fat in the first place. To fight back, you need knowledge, motivation, and a goal.

My previous lowest weight of all time was in the 180’s, which I think the lowest I saw was about 182. I’m proud to announce I’ve finally reached the mythical 170’s!

To put that in perspective, I haven’t been that weight since about preschool!!

Yes, my  preschool self weighed about as much as my adult self. Crazy as it sounds, I’m not making it up. Being the fat kid sucks.



How I lost the weight

For anyone wanting to achieve what I’ve done, I strongly suggest starting with the Paleo way of eating first and foremost.  I also made sure I had a decent supply of powerful probiotic foods. This is what worked for me, but it won’t work for everyone.

Weight loss is about recognizing what works and what doesn’t work and WHY. Regardless, something that works for one person won’t work for another. The things that DO work take time and effort. There is no quick fix, there is no overnight success, there is no magic pill. In most cases, the best way to succeed is to take a hard look at your life, learn what you’ve been doing wrong, and fix it!

That’s exactly what I did, and I’ve never, ever looked back. I look and feel better than I ever have in my entire life, and I owe it all to self education and determination. In return, I want to help you figure out your own path.

If you want to try your own weight loss contest,just go to either healthy wage or diet bet. Don’t bet too much unless you’re certain you know what you’re doing!

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yossif dirty proud 5k runner

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Weight Watchers WANTS you to stay FAT!

weight watchers

It’s a sad world when people fork over their hard earned money for the HOPE of losing weight. I see it almost every day, weight watchers airs or prints some advertisement that claims they’ll help you lose X amount of pounds for the “LOW LOW price of 39.99$ a month!” They’ll even throw some b******t “before […]

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3 days without food!? Are you crazy!?

stomach no longer my master

Just for fun. Yes, I am very serious. 72 hours without any food. Yes, I’ve gone about 3 days without food. Impossible, you say? Heh, you underestimate how my body works: Most people feel dizzy or faint without food, I literally skip breakfast and lunch on an almost daily basis. Most people can’t exercise without energy […]

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Keto Cappuccino Ice cream

keto ice cream

So I was offered an opportunity to review a high quality, hand-crafted, organic coffee! With this coffee, I also whipped up a new low carb ice cream recipe: “Keto Cappuccino Ice cream!” Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company This is a unique little brand that roasts their Arabica beans in a specially designed small batch wood roaster. […]

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6 Terrifying health dangers of alcohol!

dangers of alcohol

Hey everyone, Yossif here. I’ve recently decided to severely cut down my drinking for a multitude of reasons. For one, it’s expensive. For two, you act like an idiot if you drink too much. For three, it’s a good way to pack on extra fat. Other than that, it’ll… you know… SLOWLY KILL YOU? Either […]

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Why you NEED Cast Iron cookware!

featured cast iron

Cast iron cooking is a forgotten art. It’s been around since about 206 BC and it was very popular in the last few hundred years for cooking. (1) Since about the 1970’s, teflon and other forms of inferior cookware have come along and replaced it. This is sad because Cast iron cookware will last multiple lifetimes and is […]

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How to not be hungry? Intermittent fasting part 2!

stomach no longer my master

What is intermittent fasting? Check out Part one! In part two, we’ll be discussing my techniques on how to not be hungry. How to not be hungry? Teach your body to use stored fat! Like I mentioned in the previous article, I used the paleolithic way of eating to help curb my voracious appetite. That was […]

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