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Free giveaway and review of Grain-Free Grab-N-Go eBook!

grab n go featured

My blogger friend, Hayley Ryczek of Health Starts In The, has graciously allowed me to get an advanced copy of her new e-book: “GRAIN FREE GRAB-N-GO E-BOOK” (See below for the free giveaway.)

Grain-Free Grab-N-Go eBook! (and free giveaway)

grab-n-go-cover Hayley

I took a look through this wonderful e-book and she had a great idea for her Grain-Free Flat Bread Batter: Healthy hot pockets!

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I do miss hotpockets for the sheer ease of just heating them up and chomping down on one in my olden days. Well, now I can make my own super easy healthy versions!

I decided to try the “BBQ Pulled chicken grab-n-go” recipe for my first try. I had some leftover chicken from dinner a few nights back and it was very easy to just shred some up with BBQ sauce and mayo. As you probably know, I’m a big fan of simplicity when I cook, so this was perfect.

I whipped up the simple bread ingredients and heated up my cast iron pan. I had a bit of trouble getting the ideal temp, but it still was somewhat moldable enough to seal the BBQ chicken. (My second one wasn’t as good, the pan was a bit too hot.) I also wanted to try the bread by itself, so I made the rest of the batter just as a simple flat piece and threw them all in the oven.
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Baked chicken thighs and broccoli: easy recipes for weight loss!

baked chicken thighs broccoli

So I’m finally going to start showing you guys some of my favorite foods! For my first one: Baked chicken thighs and broccoli!

Baked chicken thighs and broccoli

First, I gotta admit something.


Like, really REALLY lazy. I’m usually so mentally/physically active during the day that I come home exhausted.

But a man has to eat at some point.

If you didn’t already know, I skip breakfast and lunch most days. Once you’ve hacked your body to burn fat, it’s really not that hard.  Intermittent fasting was a huge thing for me, because I HATED having to eat 3 square meals (usually more) a day.

Now I just drink water/tea/coffee most of the day and chew gum. Simple. No ingredients or meal prep, and I saved lots of money.

But every single day, I have to decide dinner. On my laziest days, I’ll get something from the store or worse, go out to eat. Hey, I’m not perfect, but I’m still lean despite an occasional trip to the Chinese buffet. There ARE some very good options for dining out and still sticking to a decent diet, but that’s for another time.

Here’s the thing, I royally suck at cooking. The problem is I grew up letting my mom make me food or I’d buy it prepackaged or as fast food. In other words, I used to eat terrible foods all the time, multiple times a day.

Not anymore!

Learning to cook is still elusive to me, but I’ve learned enough to make some pretty damn good meals with minimal ingredients and minimal time to prepare.
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The secret to easy weight loss with yogurt and kefir!

home made probiotics kefir yogurt kombucha sauerkraut

It bears repeating over and over: You’re less than 10% human cells. The rest of your body is 90% microbes. You are a giant supra-organism, an ecosystem. You have to understand this if you want easy weight loss with yogurt and kefir. The human body carries about 100 trillion microorganisms in its intestines, a number ten times greater than the total number […]

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Guest post: Why does our food taste like crap?

grass-fed corn-fed cows

“When chickens get to live like chickens, they’ll taste like chickens, too.”  ~Michael Pollan Hey everyone, Yossif here. I’ve been hounding my girlfriend to finally whip up a bit about our mutual feelings with real food. She’s a big proponent of using high quality, grass-fed meats and organic foods in our diets. If you’ve never […]

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First free giveaway contest! (Ended)

free giveaway contest angrynutrition fasting

Contest is over, thanks to everyone who participated! Sign up for my newsletter to find out when new giveaway contests are ready! Subscribe via to Angry Nutrition’s free email updates. (It comes with a FREE eBook too!) Subscribe to Angry Nutrition Newsletter Good news everyone! I’m proud to announce my first ever Angry Nutrition free giveaway […]

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Is protein bad for you? Bad science says so!

is protein bad for you

Ok, this pissed me off so much I had to write something about it. I’m so sick of bullschyt claims from some study that is full of bad science. So, is protein bad for you? Maybe you’ve heard of this study saying eating protein may give you cancer. No? Then maybe you’ve seen a few […]

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How to stop worrying about dieting?

stop worrying about dieting

So I have to admit something…I still worry about dieting sometimes. Even when I shouldn’t be. So, exactly how to stop worrying about dieting? As you know, I constantly talk about the need for real/unprocessed/nutritional/natural food. I went on a trip recently and I basically threw most of that out of the window. Hear me out. […]

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The Secret to a New Years Resolution? Motivation!

new years resolution

I hope everyone had a good holiday break and new years! I certainly did. I ate too many bad things and now I need to get back on the right track. I’ve been hit by severe laziness lately and I’m just starting to pull myself out of it. Did I make a new years resolution? […]

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